Dog Training Activities Just for Fun, Stimulation and Bonding

Hoopers, NDTA Rally Dog Training

An introduction to these activities will begin in July. 4 week trial. Anybody is welcome to join us with their dog as long as your dog is friendly and able to cope socially in a group.

Hoopers Dog Training

This is a low impact sport. Great for dogs that can’t do agility due to health reasons. Great for any dog and owner that wants to learn new skills and just have a great time with their dog. Activities will include things you can go away and practise at home and in the park and garden.

To get the best out of this your dog does need to be good off the lead but we can manage it on a long line. If you need help with your recall and off lead work and want to get it sorted let me know.

Check out a U Tube video here.

Have a great time with your dog, keeping your dog stimulated, happy and well-behaved.

4 Week Trial Weds evening 7 – 8pm  July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

The class will be moving to Saturday mornings at Itchen College 10.30 from September

Total for 4 weeks £55 incl. VAT – Book today. Places are limited.

Hoopers 4 weeks

NDTA Rally Dog Training

Rally O dog training has been around for years. We are developing our own version of this circuit dog training sport. We will have lots of fun elements of all the things we teach in classes.

A great dog training sport, low impact, very focused work as your dog works, with you, around a circuit, gaining points for each activity. There is a UK version called Talking Dogs Rally. You can watch a U Tube video here.

Like dog agility, it is a competitive sport but we will be keeping it as a fun activity with no intention of heading off to competitions.

4 Week Trial Saturday Afternoons 2pm – 3pm  September 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

The class will be at Bursledon Brickworks and will stay at this time throughout the winter.

Total for 4 weeks £55 incl. VAT – Book today. Places are limited.

NDTA Rally

Winter Evening Brainwork/Heelwork to Music

A way of keeping your dog busy and active during the longer evenings in the winter when it’s dark and cold outside. This class will be indoors at Itchen College. An hour long class 7 – 8pm where half the time will be spent learning new skills and activities that can be carried out indoors and half the time will be spent on our own adaptation of Heelwork to Music.

All about having fun – we’re not trying to get to Crufts although we have in the past had Richard Curtis along to do a days training with us. Something we can explore if we have enough interest.

It’s not all about Collies. Any breed can do it and we won’t be doing lots of standing on back legs or strenuous activities that put strain on dogs joints.

6 week course starting September 12th Thursday evenings 7pm – 8pm

The class will be at Itchen College

Total for 6 weeks £82.50 incl. VAT – Book today. Places are limited.

Brainwork/Heelwork to Music


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