Dog Trainer Certificate

Become a Dog Trainer - Online & 3 Day Attendance

If you want to be a dog trainer, then you’re in the right place.

Gain your Dog Trainer Certificate with a multi-award winning Academy.  

Best Dog Trainer Biz Awards

6 x Award Winning Academy

The best canine behaviour trainers in the UK 2018

The best dog training company 2019

Just 2 of the 6 awards achieved in the past 2 years.

If you become a dog trainer and get even half as much out of life as I have then you will only wish you’d done it sooner.

To do this course you:

  • Must love working with people as well as dogs.
  • Must love the great outdoors – you can’t train dogs in a hall!
  • Must want to be the ‘Best in Town’ at what you do.
  • Must want to laugh & have fun, every working day.
  • Must be passionate about well-behaved dogs and keeping them out of rescue.

How long is the Dog Trainer Certificate course? You choose – 2 long days or 3 short days.

I am now offering a 2 day weekend course – see details below.

5 hours online training before attending your 3 day practical course or your 2 day weekend course. The weekend course is, by request, over 2 long days, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6pm.

Beyond the practical there is further online learning to improve your knowledge and skills in adult learning, managing groups and the business side of things if you want to set up your own business or undertake a license.

The practical course will give you full lesson plans, prepared and practised, to get up and running, taking your first 6 week class of basic training.

There is an option to complete part 2, at a later date.  A further one day course to help you progress your training, following The National Dog Training Academy Tree of Achievement Award scheme. Keep your customers on board from beginners to Titanium Award. I still have customers on board from 10 years ago. Dates for part 2 can be agreed during the course.

More one day courses are also available for you if you want to learn how to teach other fun activities such as pet gundog, fun agility, hoopers, scenting and our own version of Rally O. We have lesson plans for all classes that we can teach you and take you through.

Online part of the Dog Trainer Certificate course

The online course materials will teach you what a  responsible role being a dog trainer is. Taking a look at the National Occupational Standards – will you tick box  all the requirements?   We can. You will too if you gain your Dog Trainer Certificate with   us.   

You will also start understanding the theory behind training dogs.  Why do we do it the way we do? How do we know it is the   right way?

Evolution & domestication – a brief look at what we know now and how the advancements in technology and science are discovering more and more secrets.

Most importantly you will look at how much harm can be done to a puppy if not properly taught and socialised in those very early weeks. But what exactly is socialisation? It’s a word bandied around casually but if mis-understood can do no end of harm to a young puppy.

Your training classes/one-on-one sessions can make or break the future life of a puppy or dog. It’s vital you learn how to be a professional, effective dog trainer with the friendliest, most award winning Academy in the UK.

Why should you train with me? Here’s what others have to say,

Just wanted to quickly thank you for last week’s course – I think we all had a great time and surprised ourselves with what we were able to learn and achieve in such a short time. You’re a gifted teacher, and the team and set-up you have there do you huge credit.

The content of the course was absolutely spot-on. Enough of the theory to encourage anyone who might want to research further (and some great tips on where to look), but not too much that it might put-off more practically-focused students. The hands-on work was invaluable, and the main reason I signed-up. Being given the chance to teach a class, with the reassurance of your oversight, was a great confidence booster and there was so much to learn.  

Words from Ross Andrews

Can I say I found the course excellent, providing both theory and practical in equal measures which allowed us to practice what we had learned. This cemented the information whist giving confidence.

You, your staff and your customers were great, allowing us to be part of your world throughout the course.

Words from Paul McCarthy

Weekend course July 13th & 14th £650 + VAT

Weekdays 2nd, 3rd, 4th July £650 + VAT

Book part 2 now and get a special deal of £800 + VAT for both (Part 2 standalone is £200+ VAT)

July Training Courses

Just 6 places available on this course

Change your life, start today. Do nothing and nothing in your life will change.

Still not sure? Got questions, want a chat to talk things through? Whizz me an email to arrange a call.

We are here to help you during and after the course. Help is on hand when you need it. Join a supportive community. One of the hardest things I found was having nowhere to turn in those early days when I needed support and guidance. That won’t happen to you. We are just a phone call away, anytime.

What’s in the practical Dog Trainer Certificate?

Puppy classes

Puppy class recall training

As the heading suggests – lots of practice at teaching people and dogs with our ‘no nag’ method of training

  • What are the key things you should teach in a class?
  • What are the key behaviours that everyone needs from their dog?
  • How do you teach a dog, effectively and positively to do these things?
  • Teaching the owners – not so easy! But you will learn how.
  • How do you successfully manage a group of people and dogs?
  • How do you keep people motivated to keep coming to your classes?
  • How to add fun into your classes, teaching people and dogs some great skills for the park.

You will leave with your first 6 weeks of lesson plans prepared & practised.

Practical sessions will be with my customers. Yes, my real, paying customers! They’re lovely people and will do their best to help you succeed. They will also offer some great constructive feedback. Our customers are used to being invited to give feedback – it’s how we have got where we are. We listen to them and you should too.

My team are trained to teach people not just dogs! Teaching people is a huge part of being a dog trainer. Certificate of Education Level 3 is hanging on our wall.

Groups are kept small – Just 6 places available on the July weekend course and only 4 available on the weekday course.

Do it NOW. Change your life. Wherever you’re at in life there’s no time like the present.

Don’t miss out – book today

Weekend of July 13th & 14th – 8am – 6pm 

Weekdays July 2nd, 3rd & 4th 9.30 – 4.30pm 

You’ll be joining the Dog Puppy Training Company of the Year 2019

(voted in SME UK Enterprise Awards)


July Training Courses


One life, one chance is all we get.

Have you heard the quote attributed to Jim Rohn, motivational speaker,

‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.’

Vital for us all in achieving our goals that we have the right support network. Here’s you’re starting point. You will be surrounded by my amazing, positive team as well as your group. You will be supported after the course to achieve your goals.

What happens after the Dog Trainer Certificate course?

  • Further online training to improve your adult learning skills – being a dog trainer is so much about people
  • Gain as much practical experience as possible – we will help you with this
  • Set up your first, small class and off you go
  • Come back and top up your training – do part 2 and as many one day courses as you choose to top up your skills

If you achieve the standard required you can consider working as part of our team or setting up on your own under our License. Or you can simply get started setting up your own dog training school.

What about further training?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is vital for us all. The day we think we know everything is the day we should give up. We have a wall full of certificates.

Further training days are available for you with The National Dog Training Academy:

  • Improve your understanding of how dog’s learn – take on more difficult dogs
  • Learn pet gundog training skills
  • Learn fun dog agility training skills
  • Learn hoopers training skills
  • Learn The National Dog Training Academy Ralli O (not a spelling mistake – our version)
  • Learn how to run fun, exciting scent work classes

Join a friendly multi Award Winning Dog Training Academy

Weekend course July 13th & 14th

Weekdays July 2nd, 3rd & 4th 9.30 – 4.30pm

July Training Courses


Don’t miss out on this weekend course – only 6 spaces 

We’re all like Mandy, a bit nervous, when we set out on a new adventure,

I have just finished the train the trainer course and I can honestly say it was the best . I have never been so scared about anything but it was brilliant!!! Anyone wanting to get in to training this is a must!!! Thank you Sandra and the team !!

Thanks Mandy from Hayling Island for her positive comments.

Debbie took everything she learned from the course & set up on her own,

“Thank you so much for your help recently.  Not only did my first pup home session go well with your help but you also gave me the confidence to do it.  My group pup session starts on the 02 May and I promise to load a photo or two…”

There are so many more and it could be you …….. do it today.

Still not sure, get in touch, have a chat, come and visit us.

Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING! Do nothing and nothing in your life will change.

The National Dog Training Academy has tried, tested & proven training methods and programmes, all of which are waiting for you as part of our Dog Trainer Certificate programme.

Start your own Profitable Dog Training School

Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.