Your course starts with online study

The online study materials need to be completed before coming along to the face to face part of the programme. This covers a large part of the theory needed and gives you optional links to explore topic areas further should you choose to do so.

Understand the Role of Dog Training Instructor and your responsibility
Learn about the National Occupational Standards – you need to tick all the boxes
Operant and Classical Conditioning - How dogs learn
Understand the Puppy and the importance of its early weeks
Understand how you will influence the life of a dog
Introduction to Adult Learning
Managing groups
Start planning for your own classes
Insurance requirements

The Course - Learning about Humans as well as Dogs

Being a dog trainer is as much about people as it is about dogs. With my course you get to learn about both. Dr. Sally Hayward, after a long career as a University Lecturer, has joined us to share her experience and knowledge, in order to support you with the teaching aspect of being a dog trainer.

My team and I will support and guide you through our tried, tested and effective dog training methods. We’ve been training dogs and puppies, including our own with our kind, fair, but firm training methods.

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Let us teach you. On day 1 of your course you get to work with dogs, as we teach you how to train them. The rest of the course you get to practice teaching each other and our amazing customers who come along to support.

By the time you complete part 1, most people are ready to start running their own classes and start earning money. If you don’t feel ready by this stage, we will help and support you until you do. There is no such thing as pass or fail.

Part 2 moves all of your training on – start taking on more challenging dogs, start providing more advanced and challenging activities in good behaviour for your customers.

And it’s not over then – you keep growing in confidence and expertise, supported by further training sessions with us. You can come back and do a range of courses.

The power to change your life is in your hands.

kayleigh and Ozzie

The Attendance Part of your Course

Learning my training methods – practising with dogs and learning how to teach people fill the 3 days of your course. You will leave part 1 with a 6 week block of lesson plans, ready to roll, with your first paying customers.

Time and attention is paid not just to the dog part but also to how you can be a professional and effective teacher. It’s understanding and teaching the humans that will make you a much recognised and sort after dog trainer.

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Putting the online learning into context
How dogs learn – transferring this to a practical aspect
How adults learn – putting this into practise
What are the basics you need to teach in a dog or puppy training class
How do you teach dogs and people in a class, outdoors in a field!
Develop your 6 week block of lesson plans
Practise teaching the activities in your lesson plans
Practise your 6 week Lesson Plan
Preparing your Customer Packs/FAQ sheets for classes
How to run your own dog training business - a theme througout

On day 1 of your course, practise training with dogs. We provide dogs or you can bring your own if you prefer.

Part 1 & 2 Dog Trainer Certificate Programme

£960.00 Inc. VAT
Part 1 & 2 Dog Trainer Certificate Course

On Completion of Part 1 - before returning for part 2

  • Teach your first group of paying customers using your 6 week block of lesson plans
  • Evaluate, improve, strive for excellence
  • Join our FB community to seek support and guidance

Return for part 2 which gives you more challenging activities to use with your customers. When a customer comes along to your classes, you need to keep them! Move them from one course to the next as you learn all the activities to take you through a bronze, silver and gold award scheme.

Return for fun and exciting class training:.

  • Pet gundog
  • Fun agility
  • Scent identification
  • Treibball

Keep moving forward. Keep learning. Keep progressing your business.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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